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Induction motor

Types Induction Motor

Types Induction Motor

Single Phase Induction Motor 
1. Split phase induction motor
2. Capacitor start induction motor
3. Capacitor start capacitor run induction motor
4. Shaded pole induction motor

Three Phase Induction Motor
1. Squirrel cage induction motor

2.Phase wound induction motor(slip-ring induction motor)

Type and construction of rotors

1. Squirrel-cage rotor. ..
2. Wound rotor. ..
.3. Salient pole rotors. .
4. ..Cylindrical rotors. ..
5.Rotor bar voltage. .
6. ..Torque in rotor. ..
7. Induction motor slip. .
8.Frequency of induced voltages and currents.
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Types of Three Phase Induction Motor

Induction motor is also called asynchronous motor as it runs at a speed other than the synchronous speed. Like any other electrical motor, induction motor have two main parts namely rotor and stator.


As the name indicates stator is a stationary part of induction motor. A three phase supply is given to the stator of induction motor.


The rotor is a rotating part of induction motor. The rotor is connected to the mechanical load through the shaft. The rotor of the three phase induction motor are further classified as-
1. Squirrel cage rotor,
2. Slip ring rotor or wound rotor or phase wound rotor. Depending upon the type of rotor used the three phase induction motor are classified as-
Squirrel cage induction motor
Slip ring induction motor or
wound induction motor
phase wound induction motor.

The construction of stator for both the kind of three phase induction motor remains the same and is discussed in brief in next paragraph. Stator of Three Phase Induction Motor The stator of the three phase induction motor consists of three main parts: 

 Stator frame

 Stator core

 Stator winding or field winding

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