Monday, May 8, 2017

Managerial Skills

Managerial Skills

Primary Skills
• Conceptual Skill
• Technical Skill
• Human Skill

Secondary Skills
• Design Skill
• Communication Skills
• Leadership Skill

Human or interpersonal skills:
• How should I understand myself to
understand others and achieved the
common goals and objectives of the
organization? Also focus on how
something is done?
• This includes the ability to
understand other people and
interact effectively with them. The
human skills are also important in
creation of an environment in which
people feel secure and free to
express their opinions.
• In short it is the ability to work with
other people in teams

Design skill:
These skills enable a manager to
handle and solve any kind of
unforeseen or actual problems, that
may crop up in the organization. Such
problems could arise due to internal
factors or external factors and/or
In short it is the problem solving skill

Conceptual skill:
What should be the right thing
and focus on why something is
• This refers to the ability to
think and conceptualize
abstract situations. These
abilities are required for
making complex decisions.
• In short it is the mental
capacity to develop plans,
strategies and vision

Technical Skills
How can we do better and focus
on what is done?
These skills include the
knowledge, abilities of and
proficiency in activities involving
methods, processes and
procedures in the relevant fields as
accounting, engineering,
manufacturing etc.
In short it is the ability to use the
knowledge or techniques of a
particular discipline to attain ends.

Communicational skill
The abilities of exchanging
ideas and information
To understand others and let
others understand

Leadership Skills
The abilities to influence
other people to achieve the
common goal. �

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