Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Being betrayed

Being betrayed by someone you love is the worst feeling ever especial if that someone is your first love. I deleted all his photos and texts yet I can't seem to delete his voice in my mind. No day goes by without me thinking about him. Because of him I can't trust any guy who says he loves me since I know where that trust landed me the last time with him.
When I met him I thought I had found love, I thought I was blessed and others were envious of me. But when he left me to die with this unending pain for the love I lost, I stopped breathing when you walked out that door. You left with my heart and I can't stand the pain I remember the sacrifices I made but they were all for nothing. I want to hate you but I can't. How do I make it stop? How do I end all this torment? How did you learn to live again?
If I can say I'm ready to love and be loved again, I'd be telling a lie. I was betrayed by my own love. The one who knows my weakness, my inabilities, the ones who knows how weak and vulnerable I am. An angel whom I've shared almost my whole life with, as he was crushing my heart he laughed. While busy dancing he was slowly crushing it and later gave me the pieces on a silver plater as he left me! The pieces are still on my hand, and the scars are still there from where it cut me.

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