Friday, February 24, 2017

Difference; vast as sky

If wishes were ever meant to come true my deepest wish would be to let an innocent heart's wish to come true'

Everlasting is nothing either in the world or the heart,
Yet when eyes sees an innocent's pain the ripping sensation reaches the heart playing hard the strings with the note of sadness,
How can I turn into a cold fish to ignore such little soul?
It's not the crocodile tears that I shed seeing her trouble and realising how much blessed we are ,
It's truely genuine;
All the way from the true heart of mine,

Unfolding she is just her childhood,
She has several petals to unfold to blossom as a flower,
Heard lord; the Almighty sees all and never lets her child cry but what about her?
When will her turn come to seek for life all aspire to be,

All my eyes could see,
Ears could hear,
Mind could think,
Heart could feel,
Yet I was totally helpless,
And I died within seeing my own helplessness,
She is a gifted child; only thing is that she is little different than the rest,
She lacks the power to convey or receive proper message of others and herself,

Like all kids how I wish her to go to school,
See new faces,
Have lots of friends,
Yet wishes remain as wishes for me cause she is sorted different,
And the very reason make her world all different from the rest,
It burns my heart to see her enduring so much in such a budding stage,
Her world is totally different from the rest,

She is a mirror to reflect us how blessed we really are for all ain't lucky enough,
She wishes to speak yet lacks speech,
She has a little heart, A little heart has a little dream,
A dream to be fulfilled; to study,
Lead a normal life,
Yet all life ain't as we expect for;
And dream for her remains a dream,

It aches me from within,
Through the dark end of other people's life I could see the light of our life,
With unwavering love and support we are really blessed,
And the life that we live is a dream for somebody,
So when you still have life think good, speak good and do good,
Have faith in God!

Hard is life for some
When it seems easy for you, do live well
For we may not get this life back again...


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