Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cast system

This is a system which we follow from the time when the
practice of Hindu religion started in this world. we practice it
because it is our culture that we have to follow it. Brahmin are
to give religious teaching to the people . They are to give
teaching because from the ancient time they are restricted by
religion to take intoxicated substances such as alcohol. Now
world has become so rich with people of high intelligent they
they ask reason for everything. They are so advanced with modern technologies of proving everything in practical that
they even want religious beliefs to be shown in practical field.
This system had been as far as possible by the pace of the
modernization but this system will not be eradicated
completely because if this is eradicated then Hindu religion
won't exist.

It is found that most people talks about the
practice of cast system in Hindu. And this talks
comes from only those people who don't do any
religious practice whether they be Hindu, Buddhist
or in any religion. Those who practice religious
activities (such as Rinpochoes, Pundit, lamas, and
other devotee of God) never says to eradicate this
system because they know it is not like that of
scientific theorem that is accepted only after
experimentally proven. You can't change it all of
sudden by giving drawbacks on it because it is
also one form of culture.

Now this system is changed greatly compared to
the century time ago. Nowadays people are leaving
Hinduism and Buddhism and moving towards
Christianity because it is simpler one. It Christianity
you need not to perform any ritual even when
someone dies in relative.
It doesn't matter if someone doesn't take the thing
you give thinking that one is different but if
someone doesn't give you your share thinking you
are different you have right to raise a quires.
Shekhar Khatiwara

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